Mrs Lomas co-ordinated these opportunities for staff and pupils to develop a greater awareness of other European cultures.

After her successful application, we were chosen to take part in a new Comenius project (2012 - 2014) and found partner schools in: Barcelona, Spain; Nice, France;, Langsam, Norway; Tutova, Romania; Patras, Greece; Kocaeli, Turkey; Kielce, Poland;  Southern Italy and our UK partner school, St Gregory’s in Northampton.

There were staff visits to Partner Schools. (See gallery below)

The visit to Gorsemoor was in March 2014.

Our Comenius Project 2010 - 2012

The last Comenius meeting was a visit to Italy in May 2012.

Mrs Lomas, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Cranwell and Mrs Fraser made the final visit, of this Comenius link, to Sora in Italy.

There they met staff from our other partner schools in Belgium, Poland, Greece  and Northampton (UK).

Events organised included a visit with parents and pupils to Pompeii and Naples,  a trip to Rome, a meeting with the Mayor of Sora and an amazing day at the school!

 We were chosen to take part in the 2010 - 2012 Comenius project and found partner schools in Belgium, Italy, Poland Greece and another UK school in Northampton.

Our Comenius Project 2012 - 2014 Our 2010 - 2012 project is below.

Our Comenius


comenius 2012 2014 logo.jpg Comenius Emily KS1 winner.JPG Comenius Vincent winner KS2.JPG

 Mrs Lomas’ class made these traditional Catalonian decorations.

Click here to see our instructions.

 Our school bear, George, visited Altamura, in Italy, with Mrs Lomas, Mrs Horn and Mrs Stafford.

Click here for pictures.

 Year 1 pupils used information from Poland to learn about patron saints. See what they did.

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Visit to Gorsemoor - all our partner schools 2012

Partner Visit to Gorsemoor

The visit of the partners to Gorsemoor was 19th – 21st March 2014.

Comenius Assembly and partner visit to our school.

(Photos from Mrs Lees and Mrs Fraser)

On the Thursday, they visited London.

Photos from Mrs Senior

(a Governor of Gorsemoor at the time).

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