In Key Stage 1, children are rewarded by members of staff throughout the day with stickers and ‘Monster’ points, tallied on ClassDojo.

In Key Stage 2, children are rewarded with stickers, ‘Monster’ points and merits (being phased out in September).

Parents with access to ClassDojo may already be aware of some changes to our achievements. As the use of Monster Points has increased, having merits and house points as separate reward systems seemed a duplication. Staff are currently piloting a ‘tweak’ to our Behaviour Policy, basing more recognition on Monster points (Stars of the Week would receive 5 Monster points, a merit being equivalent to 3) and collecting ‘House points’ via a token system, displaying in large tubes in the Hall. Golden Time (a pupil choice of activity) has also been reintroduced. Alongside this is the ability to lose Monster points with a more formal reporting system to parents. Any parent viewing ClassDojo can see the points awarded or deducted from their child/children and contact class teachers as necessary.

At Gorsemoor we aim to create a positive environment for our children to work in. Therefore, we have a strong rewards policy in place.

Our Friday assembly is dedicated to achievements. In both key stages, children are rewarded with a certificate for any successes they have had throughout the week. Each class teacher also chooses one child from their class to be named ‘Star of the Week’.

‘Monster of the Week’ is also announced in classes on Fridays; they are the pupils scoring the highest amount of Monster points on ClassDojo. Their points total is directly converted to tokens (e.g. 12 Monster points = 12 tokens) to place in the new house token collection system in the Hall.

We believe that Gorsemoor pupils should also be responsible for taking care of our school and their belongings.

Pupils behave extremely well. They are very proud of their school, thoroughly enjoy learning, and they feel very safe.

 Ofsted report 2013

The quality of teaching is good overall, and some is outstanding. As a result, pupils of all abilities and backgrounds achieve well.

Ofsted report 2013

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