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At Gorsemoor we really enjoy art, and display children’s artwork to help brighten up our school environment.

Every class has at least one art lesson a week – where we follow our Art scheme of work, with elements of arts skills included.

We also enjoy art days, where we focus on a topic and art skill to produce some exciting and unusual pieces of art; and during the year, we hold Family Art competitions where families work together to produce a themed piece of artwork – with prizes to be won!

We also run after-school art clubs for particular year groups of children. These have been very successful, with everyone enjoying getting ‘messy’ while using their creative talents to produce some super works of art – see the art club page!

Visiting Artists - Memories

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the  school being opened (2008),  we had a very special artist visit.

While he was here, he created a mural to commemorate the occasion. It is now displayed in school. (See below).

Later Phil worked on a project with Year 6 pupils and members of the community for display at the front of school. Unfortunately a lorry reversed into the wall in 2015, damaging the artwork beyond repair!

If you would like to find out any more about our visiting artist, then you can visit his personal website:

Phil  Hardaker: www.philhardaker.co.uk

Phil Hardaker, a renowned sculptor, ceramicist and mosaic artist,  helped us to make our own ceramic tiles!

Phil’s 25th anniversary ceramic and a close-up.

Our Family Art Competition  Summer 2016

KS1 Art Day September 2015 - Van Gogh
KS2 Art Day September 2015 - Andy Warhol
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Memories of visiting artists


First was Chloe Cashmore, Y4JS — the suitcase.

Other winners were Lucy Ashford, Y6EL;

Freya Ruddick, Y1LF (Mom, Dad and Aunty Claire);

Nikita Tamplin, Y4JS and

Jack Westwood, Y3KM.

Thank you to all who took part. 

An art project for Year 5 pupils, organised by Norton Canes High School was on display in our entrance hall last year.

They have created a webpage detailing some Year 5 and 6 liaison activities with our school.