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Cross Country

Report below

On Thursday 7th November Y3 and 4 cross country runners competed at Cardinal Griffin High School.

The field at the school was big and muddy so it was really hard to run and slippy.

First, was the girls’ race in Year 3.

When all the girls had raced, it was the Y4 boys turn to run. They all tried really hard!

After  the Y3 boys, it was the Y4 girls’ turn  - we all tried really hard!

When the Year 4 girls had raced it was time for the Year 4 boys turn.

After the boys had ran , it was time for the results. But sadly, we didn't win first place. But Y3 were the runners up that means they were 2nd .

Luckily Y4 came 3rd out of 6.

By Libby Roden, Lia Gibbons and Chloe Bagnall

Y3 and 4 Cross Country Competition 2013

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James was photographed for the Norton Newsletter (Norton Canes High School Spring Issue March 2013)

Gorsemoor team