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Design & Technology

Whenever we can we link design and technology to other subjects such as: science, literacy, history, geography – so that children are making items that link to what they are learning. Examples include Year 4 children who create moving books and ancient Egyptian models; Year 5 pupils who create periscopes to link to their science topic ‘Light’, and Musical instruments to link with ‘Sound’.

This work is also displayed around the school, and often demonstrated in celebration assemblies.

New curriculum coverage below

Year 1

Sensational Salads

Fabric Bunting

Dips and Dippers

Year 2

Moving Pictures- Traditional Tales

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

Our Fabric Faces

Year 3

Edible Garden

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Battery Operated Lights

Year 4

Juggling Balls

The Great Bread Bake-off

Mechanical Posters

Year 5

Automata Animals

Super Seasonal Cooking

Felt Phone Cases

Year 6



Global Food