Early Years Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage curriculum is designed for children aged 3 to 5 years. It is followed in Nursery and Reception classes. It is divided into seven areas of learning.

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

2. Communication and Language.

3. Physical Development.

4. Literacy.

5. Mathematics.

6. Understanding the world

7. Expressive arts and design

Teachers plan activities which will enable the children to learn through  play  by  investigating  and  problem  solving.          The activities are balanced between:-

Adult focused activities - where children work with an adult on a specific activity.

Child choice activities - where children choose their own activities.

Independent activities - where children choose their own activity but may involve an adult.

Children make outstanding progress in the Early Years Foundation Stage because teaching, leadership and management are all outstanding for this age group.

Ofsted report 2013

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The curriculum builds into the individual child’s ‘Learning Journey’ which forms a record of the child’s progress. Adults working with the children make regular observations which are recorded and form part of the child’s Learning Profile. Parents are also encouraged to add to this profile with their own observations.

The Learning Environment includes well-resourced indoor, outdoor creative and quiet reflective areas. The children have access to all these areas throughout the week and they are encouraged to select their own resources to aid their learning.

Regular meetings with parents and teaching staff are held to ensure that parents can share and celebrate their child’s ‘Learning Journey’. Induction arrangements ensure that parents are introduced to the type of activities their children will encounter at school so that they can help and support their child’s learning. Reception teachers visit Nursery children and Year 1 teachers visit Reception classes towards the end of the school year to ensure a smooth transition.

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