Eco Committee


The school’s Eco – committee are dedicated to the upkeep of the school’s eco-friendly environment.

The eco-committee is made up of two representatives from each class in key stage 1 and 2. The chosen pupils join in meetings following the agenda set out by Mrs Frost and discuss arising issues with the whole committee.

Our Green Forest Day in October 2016 was a fundraising activity , raising £416.43 - thank you everyone who contributed. This raised enough money to order more class recycling bins and litter pickers — just what they hoped for! Miss Spennewyn organised a poster competition in February 2017 to design ‘reminders’ of the current eco-goals, such as saving electricity and reducing waste by recycling. The Eco-team will be choosing their three favourites soon. Their latest idea is for a suggestion box to be a permanent part of their hall display.

Our achievements

During the quest for Eco-status the eco-committee has made incredible changes to the school environment.

A solar PV system has been fitted to Gorsemoor Primary School, at Heath Hayes in Staffordshire, bringing educational opportunities and renewable energy to the school, to offset against fossil-fuel supplies.  Click here to read more

The solar panels

The Eco members talked about ways that school could save energy and Mr. Bennett suggested that solar panels be installed on the school roof. By the end of March 2012, about 120 solar panels had been fitted to different sections of the roof. We can now see just how much electricity is generated by them.

The raised bed garden

The raised bed garden area was constructed a few years ago.

Each year it has been used by different year groups or by Gardening club to grow fruit and vegetables.

As an Eco-school we also try very hard to reduce:

Solar energy update      Lightsource Renewable Energy Limited have  ‘Meteronline’ software which analyses the amount of energy being generated by our solar panels. You can compare times of the day, days of the week or month and look at the whole year.

Take a look Email: WIN0307   Password: lightsource

Photos and more information below:-

Solar panels

Sensory Garden

Bottle greenhouse

Raised bed garden

Mrs Cranwell (our SENCo at the time) and Mrs Barber (a Teaching Assistant) developed a Nurture Garden next to the gazebo (PTFA purchase), as part of the ‘Good Life Project’ supported by the South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust and Cannock Chase Council.

A sensory garden was created and filmed by the children. The video diary then appeared on the Good Life website (see link below).

A big ‘Thank You’ to the businesses, groups and parents who donated items to enhance the garden. Watch our film to see how it was done!

Our Sensory garden

The official opening of our Nurture Garden was by John Beddows, the Chairman of Cannock Chase Council on Tuesday 19th July 2011. Pupils, Governors, Teachers, Parents and everyone involved in making the Nurture Garden, from planning to opening, were invited to attend.

Recycled Bottle Greenhouse (Nurture Group 2012)

After parents and pupils collected empty two litre plastic pop bottles, Mr Hewitt, our handyman at the time, built a recycled bottle greenhouse.  In July 2012, ‘Nurture Group’ pupils officially opened our new addition.


2017 - 2018

Since February 2016, our eco-committee has been promoting the national ‘Clean for the Queen’ initiative to clean up our country in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday.

The team members and parents cleaned Gorsemoor park on Friday 4th March. Photo gallery below.

September 2015 statement

During the last year Gorsemoor Eco-committee have worked very hard and achieved many things. Their main goal last year was to renew their Green Flag status. (This renewal is required every three years).The assessment for the new Green Flag is one that is very rigorous, from proving the children are doing their allocated jobs to being able to answer questions on the spot regarding what we do here at Gorsemoor, to make it an outstanding Eco school.

We are very pleased to say we passed with flying colours and indeed gained our Green Flag status once again. The children and Mrs Duckworth would like to thank Mrs Heath (Assistant Head) and Mr Ball (Eco Governor) for all of their help and support in gaining the Flag.

Y1NC on Green Forest Day October 2016