We use English to communicate in both written and spoken form. We use language to build our view and opinion of the world and our community. We believe that reading is the most important skill our children must master at school. Reading is the necessary condition for all learning. We continue to learn, develop and enhance our knowledge and understanding of English throughout our lives.

Reading champions is a National Reading Campaign project developed in response to the continuing national concern about boys’  and men’s underachievement and the lack of positive role models for boys’ reading.

Reading Champions

At Gorsemoor, the Sports Active Coaches take a half hour session with early KS2 boys. During this time, they use the library and computers to encourage a love of reading in a cool, fun and powerful way.

Sports Active Coaches, Mr Lees and Mr Evans hold a Reading Champions session with Year 6 pupils.

An example of text mapping.

We use these in our Talk for Writing Literacy lessons.

At Gorsemoor, English is taught daily with work appropriately differentiated to match all abilities.

With parental support, we want our children to:

Most importantly, we aim to nurture in the children a love of literature and language, and the confidence to continue reading and writing.

We use many strategies to support our Literacy teaching at Gorsemoor. Talk for Writing (Pie Corbett), VCOP & Big Write (Ros Wilson) and Super Sentences (Alan Peat) are some of the many initiatives we use to meet the needs of all of our learners.

What is Talk for Writing?

Years 2 to 6

Spelling changes

Useful websites to support children with reading and phonics

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Primary National Curriculum ENGLISH

National Curriculum guide for parents

KS1 Interim Assessment Framework

KS2 Interim Assessment Framework

KS1 Expectation examples

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KS2 Expectation examples

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