With this is mind we have a dedicated ICT and e-safety governor, Mr Derek Arm and our ICT with e-safety policy is updated twice yearly. We have also adopted a separate Social Networking policy.

We raise awareness of e-safety through the teaching of ICT and acknowledge Safer Internet Day each February with classroom activities and dedicated assemblies.

At Gorsemoor all student access to the internet is supervised and monitored by school. The CEOP report button appears on the main page of the school web site. E-Safety codes of conduct are signed by pupils and parents, which make clear expectations regarding the responsible use of ICT including the use of mobile technologies. Pupils also have a copy in their homework diaries signed annually. All Staff (including visiting students and parent helpers) also complete an e-safety code of conduct.

The winner of our 2017 Internet Safety poster competition was Imogen, Y6DLC

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Internet and e-safety form an integral part of ICT at Gorsemoor. We understand that use of the internet is expanding and it is becoming an important part of learning and communication. This brings pupils into contact with a wider range of information, the scope and nature of which may - or may not - be appropriate for the pupil. There are also wider dangers that e-mail and chat, and indeed telephone and text messages could bring as a means of anonymous communication with pupils.

E-safety agreement

E-safety information links for Parents

Safer Internet Day, February 2017 Years 5 and 6 assembly led by our Police Community Support Officers.

Link to our Safeguarding page

Online safety links

NSPCC and O2 link for online safeguarding

Online Safety Tips

Please use this link if you have concerns surrounding anyone displaying or publishing terrorist or extremist material or behaviour.

The following are examples of  items to report: articles, images, speeches or videos that promote terrorism or encourage violence; content encouraging people to commit acts of terrorism; websites made by terrorist or extremist organisations; videos of terrorist attacks.