Germany - Chemnitz

Links with Grundschule Adelsberg in Chemnitz began in 2009.

Some Year 6 pupils visited  Chemnitz in February 2010 with Miss Costello, Mr Riley, Frau Pelz and Mrs Fraser.

Pupils and staff from Grundschule Adelsberg visited our school during March 2011.

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These galleries show the range of activities from our arrival, the Pet Zoo, the Space Centre, the time in school, the Games museum, tour of Chemnitz, tour of Dresden and farewell party.

One of the pictures taken at Grundschule Adelsberg by a local newspaper reporter - he e-mailed them to Mrs Costello. We promised to send some of our photos back to the school.

Thanks to Renault Cannock for their £200 donation towards costs. The trip was mostly funded by a grant.

Photos below are arranged in Flash Photogalleries.

Year 6 and their German friends March 2011Our trip to Germany February 2010

Mrs Costello re-visited the school in May 2011 as part of a course for teachers to learn German. She, Mrs Fraser and Miss Nash visited Leipzig and various schools near Chemnitz. Teachers from the same area visited Gorsemoor in October 2011. In March 2012, Mrs Fraser and Mr Riley accompanied Mr Mulvey (AST for IT based at Chase Terrace Technology College) to set up Skype links between Grundschule Adelsberg and Year 6 here.

Year 6 Skype with Adelsberg 2012

Grundschule Adelsberg were our partner school near Chemnitz in Germany. For the a few years teachers and pupils exchanged visits. One year Miss Nash, Mrs Costello and Mrs Fraser attended a course to improve their German: in the October our school hosted a similar course for German teachers to upskill their English.

Year 6, their teachers, Mr Richardson and AST Mr Mulvey were developing the use of Skype to strengthen our link. Live sessions meant pupils could write creatively, use literacy skills, build their confidence, establish friendships and improve their German speaking and listening skills.

Mrs Fraser and Mr Riley Visit Germany

This visit to a High School (Gymnasium Einsiedel) and our partner school (Grundschule Adelsberg), near Chemnitz in Germany, was for developing the use of Skype sessions and an e-twinning site to share pupil work and strengthen links.

Mrs Fraser and Mr Riley Skyped with Miss Harvey’s class on Wednesday and the whole of Year 6 in the Hall on Thursday. They were accompanied by teachers from Chase Terrace Technology College and they all visited Chemnitz and Leipzig to see historical places.