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International links

Gorsemoor is committed to building a greater understanding between communities. We have obtained Full International Schools Award because of our work in this area. We foster international links with schools. The benefits of this direct contact include enhanced, communication skills and cross-curricular work for pupils and development of project management/ leadership skills for staff.

Teachers and Key Stage Two pupils frequently experience different cultures/languages via e-mail or letters as pen pals. In recent years members of staff and Year 6 pupils have visited schools in Germany, leading to the use of Skype to help develop a better understanding between the two countries. Foundation and Key Stage One pupils are made aware of these links through their geography work with Bonnington Bear.

In 2010 we took part in our first Comenius project with a theme of ‘Eurogames’. Our link with another UK school - St Gregory’s Catholic Primary in Northampton - has been renewed following our successful application for a new 2012-2014 Comenius project with the theme ‘Different Stories, Different Languages, Same Roots’.

Take a look at our Comenius page for more detail.

Interested in International links? Mrs Lomas has more details. Bonnington Bear’s travels are also co-ordinated by Mrs Lomas, who can be contacted in school.

The Comenius Programme is named after Jan Amos Comenius

1592-1670), often considered the father of modern education.


Our International links display  in a corridor between Years 1 and 2 - new announcements also in the entrance area.

Full International
Schools Award

Our strongest connections are with Grundschule Adelsberg, near Chemnitz in Germany and our Comenius partners.


St. Gregory’s, Northampton

Comenius Programme