Letters including School and PTFA newsletters

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Whole School letters

Letter about meeting  Uniform Trying-on

Eligibility childcare weblink

Year group letters

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Year 1 Phonics (Speed Sounds Book)

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Year 2 permission for walks reminder

KS1 assessment information (Government 2017)

Year 3

Important information Year 3

Harvest services

Welcome to Year 3

Year 4

Laches Wood meeting in October

Laches Wood 2018 Payment cards available at the office

Welcome to Year 4

Confirmation of Laches Wood details 2018

Laches Wood trip in 2018

Year 5

Laches Wood times and contact

Equipment for Laches Wood trip Sept 2017

Years 5 and 6 Football Training (see Mr Allers)

Laches Wood celebration and DVD purchase

Choir 'Young Voices'

Year 5 permission for walks

Laches Wood initial letter for 2017

Year 6

See Year 6 page

Years 5 and 6 Football Training (see Mr Allers)

Choir 'Young Voices'

WW2 Day details

SAT parent workshop

Year 6 Walk permission

KS2 assessment information (Government 2017)

Nursery news

Reception news

Reception Reading websites

 Oxford Owl Phonics Play Pearson Starfall

Click on text to view the letter Autumn 1 - Oct 2016 Autumn 2 - Dec 2016 Spring 1 - Feb 2017 June 2017 - Discos R-Y5 Spring 2 - April 2017 Summer 1 - May 2017 Grand Summer Draw May 2017 June 2017 - Discos Y6 Summer 2 - July 2017

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