Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Joshua Thompson,

Max Evans, Olivia Stroud,

Sophie Moore,

Joseph Carter and

Charlie Bott

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Jake Humphrey,

Olivia Buck,

Mason Minton,

Lyla-May Espley and

Hayden Shone

Library Days


Year 6


Year 5


Year 4


Year 3


Year 2

Opening Times


12:45 to 1:15pm

Designed by Abbie Marvin.

The current library was built in 2003 by forming a roof across a quadrangle between the Hall and KS1 corridors. We had a ‘lucky’ pupil who won money for the school, so at the Grand Opening, we had a new computerised system, the ‘Junior Librarian’ programme for issuing books, along with a brand new computer (since replaced). The library is part of the LRA - Learning Resource Area, the KS1 computer ‘room’ fills the rest of the space.

There are two teams of Librarians, formed from Year 5 pupils, who ‘man’ the library during lunchtime opening. They ensure that books are returned and scanned out, with only one allowed per pupil. Nursery, Reception and Year 1 classes are timetabled to use the library during class time.

Mrs. Fraser, our Librarian, makes sure that books are kept in school and circulated regularly.

No pupils should take their library book home!

New books bought by the PTFA, donated by Bookclub or by pupils are bar-coded for library use.

Quite a lot of the 7000+ books in the library have been bought from money raised by the PTFA.

We are now live online, via the link on our Homepage you can access some services.

Library books are superb. They are all sorts of fun.

By Luke

Our library is great we have lots of books and computers in there. You can read for a bit. It’s a great place to settle down. All years have a day to go on the computers and you can play games or do some revision.

Fab Range of books!

I think that the library is colourful and bright. Also you can learn loads of stuff out of the books.


I think that the library’s really good because other schools don’t have as much variety of books and one other thing Mrs Fraser is the best person I know about books so talk to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that our school Library is GREAT! It has a huge variety of books for younger and older pupils.

The library is a great place to settle down and read! It has lots of  interesting books and computers too.

Reception Pupils reading     Sept 2017

librarylogo2013Abbie Marvin Y2CSname.jpg DSCN4262.JPG Librarians Dec 2017 a.JPG