Whole class music lessons

Each year group teaches music using resources from Music Express, which is a complete scheme for teaching music, aimed at providing children with engaging music activities which are simple, straightforward and fun.


The school choir meets once a week and involves children from Years 3 to Year 6. The choir performs at different venues throughout the year. These include the local church, the nursing home and at school events. The choir have also performed at charity concerts within the community. Our grandest performance was at the Genting Arena - Young Voices 2016. Photos below.

Peripatetic lessons

In Key Stage 2 the children have the opportunity to take up an instrument. Lessons are taught by peripatetic teachers.. Children are currently able to take lessons in:

                           Flute, clarinet              Mrs Anderson

                           Guitar                          Mr Walker

                           Violin, viola, cello        Mrs Allen

The children have lessons for 20 minutes in small groups, with no more than four children in each. If you are interested in your child taking lessons please enquire at the school office for details and prices (see below).

K2M Project

All Year 3 pupils are now given the opportunity to take home a violin as part of this successful approach to teaching music.

A specialist teacher spends 1 hour per week teaching the whole class, giving instructions for the children to practise in between at home.

Each class will receive one term’s worth of specialist tuition and at the end of their tuition, there is a performance for parents.

I love young voices 2017 photos below The BIG SING 2017

Music charges and Exemptions 2016

Big Sing 2017 photos below Big Sing Charity MS Society say Thank You

Music payments and charges will be advised in October 2017.

Young voices 2017

Songs for Young Voices 2018

Singing Together            Name That Toon

Africa   Why We Sing    Extraordinary

Pop Goes The Classics!  Hakuna Matata

Kyrie Eleison                  Anytime You Need A Friend

The Call                        You’re in The Band

Stevie Wonderland (Sir Duke)

Stevie Wonderland As (Chorus 1)

Stevie Wonderland As (Chorus 2)

Stevie Wonderland I Wish

Stevie Wonderland Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I’m Yours                      Pop Medley 2018