Pupil Premium Policy

Free School Meal pupils can receive a school trip or uniform subsidy:

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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium: Academic Year 2015 – 2016

At Gorsemoor, we monitor our children’s progress continually throughout the academic year, as well as from one year to the next. This knowledge enables us to support our pupils to make at least expected progress and to deliver high quality intervention to children who are ‘stuck’.

At the end of each term, a progress report is compiled for our school governing body and a copy of that is also available for parents to see on this page.  A copy of the pupil impact report for the school year (2015/2016) is here: Pupil Premium Impact 2015/2016

We manage our Pupil Premium budget from one financial year to the next.  In April 2015, we received £80,520.00 to support pupil premium children.  A copy of our proposed budget can be found here: Pupil Premium 2015 2016