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School Photos and Videos

This page only has photographs or videos if they are not relevant to other pages.

Photos around school are now on School Tour page.

Take a look at our Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations.

We had three design competitions: a crown in Nursery; a picnic box  and a commemorative plate for the rest of school.

Staff and pupils could wear red, white and blue or a costume from an era between 1920 and 1990.

Well done to the plate design winners listed below.


Harry Bucknall, Elliott Connell and Molly Cotterill

Year 1 see photo

Carys, Imogen and Lovette

Year 2 see photo

Lola O’Leary and Halle Jarvis

Year 3

Erykah Rhoden and             Leyton Woodhouse

Year 4

Harley O’Connor, Mason Massey and Sebastian Sarai

Year 5

Finlay Fergusson, Sophie Knight and Daniel Jarvis

Year 6 see photo

Chloe Bagnall, Phoebe Jones and Maisie Harrison

There are galleries of photos.

Photo collage of staff and some pupils here.

RLM costume collage here. RLM lunch box designs here.

RLM gallery

Year 1 in costume and other classes in a gallery

Year 2 in costume and partying in a gallery

…and then came the rain!

Mrs Lomas beating a retreat.