The concept of school/pupil councils:

• School councils help children to develop an understanding of their ability to create positive change by:

• involving children in decision making;

• respecting and listening to other pupils ideas;

• involving the whole school community in developing ideas and maintaining standards.

How pupils benefit from school councils:

• School councils contribute to positive changes in the lives of every child in the school;

• involving pupils in real issues helps them to develop important life skills that promote moral reasoning; self-esteem, self-awareness, communication and relationship skills.

Our School Council:

• Our School Council, which meets regularly, is made up of democratically elected pupils from each class.

• A male and female representative are elected by fellow pupils in their class to represent their class at School Council.

• Every representative from Year 1 to Year 6 will meet twice a half term for a school council meeting.

• Prior to a school council meeting the elected chairperson and secretary alongside a teacher will prepare an agenda for the meeting.

• The issues in the agenda will then be discussed at the school council meeting and minutes will be recorded by the secretary.

• The following week there will be a class council where council representatives will report back to their class items discussed at the meeting.

School councillors 2017/2018

School Council

Some photos below

Our school council received this badge after organising an app competition in school in 2016.

School councillors at Heath Hayes Remembrance service November 2016

School Council news

School councillors have been busy recently doing their part for whole school health and safety awareness. They helped by completing risk assessments, with Miss Stevens, for inside and outside communal areas. Currently they are reviewing what they already do and developing ideas for future discussion e.g. fundraising as they try to secure a budget. In the past they have worked with the school cook on menus, promoted positive play and been a key part of the interview process for new teachers.