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Sign Language Club 2016

Sign Language After-school Club began following the Deaf Not Stupid campaign being promoted by Rachel Shenton (actress and ambassador for the National Deaf Children's Society ) and

Chris Overton (former pupil, actor and producer). They were raising money to  make a film, ‘The Silent Child’ in order to raise awareness of problems for deaf children and adults. Filming begins in January 2017.

This after-school club is taught by

Mrs Marvin, a parent who uses sign language in her work. Photos, below, are of the Year 6 group (autumn term) displaying their skills during assembly and the ‘Merry Christmas’ video.

Below Windows Media Player, click to view.

Further year groups will be offered places on courses during the year.

Sign Language CLub Y6.wmv

Mrs Marvin, recently sent this email to Mrs Heath, congratulating pupils who have attended her club.

Click picture to make larger.

Sign Lang Club Mrs M email.jpg