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Mrs N. Stafford

Mrs L. Clayton

Mrs L. Horton


Mrs J. Colwell

IT technician

Mr S. Richardson

Site technician

Mr Erik Plejdrup


Mrs J. Hill

Mrs J. Goodier

Miss K.  Simpson


Mrs T. Hiatt

Mrs L. Smith

Mrs S. Etchells

Year 1

Mrs S. Lloyd

Mrs J. Ledo

Mrs J. Wilson

Mrs L. Holmes (1 to 1)

Year 2

Miss V. Ledo

Miss C. Miles

Mrs A. Lloyd

Year 3

Mrs A Jones

Mrs C. Walton

Year 4

Mrs J. Ryan

Mrs R.Coventry

Mrs N. Ball (1 to 1)

Year 5

Mrs D. Jones

Mrs V. Godward

Miss D. Walden

Mrs S. James (1 to 1)

Year 6

Mrs K. Fraser

Mrs S. Walker

Mrs L. Roden

Support for

various year groups

Miss V. Webb HLTA

Miss C. Molina (Spanish)

Pastoral Support

Mrs L. Roden


Mrs K Fraser

Visually Impaired Support

Mrs T Warrier (1 to 1)

Mrs S. Barber

Mrs White (1 to 1)

Support Staff

Miss Webb

by Rebecca and Ellie

Mrs Walton by

Georgia Harston

Mrs Walton.GIF

Mrs Fraser by Jessica Tilley-Moore

Click on the drawings to see a bigger picture

Mrs Walker by Freya Davies

Mrs S. Lloyd by Sophie T

Mrs Wilson by Rebecca Argeitaki-White

Mrs LEdo.bmp

Mrs Ledo by Chloe Peers

Mrs Roden

by Arran

Mrs Goodier by

Sophie McCausland

Mrs Stafford

by Daniel Foster

Mrs Clayton

by Abigail Perry

Mrs Smith by Callum Steed

Mr Richardson by Ryan Handley

Mrs Colwell by William James

SMrs Roden.jpg SMrs A Jonesup.jpg

Mrs A Jones by Rihanna Harris

Mrs Hiatt

by Hattie

Mrs Etchells by Joseph Worley

SMrs D Jones.jpg

Mrs D Jones by Rosie Davis

Mrs Godward by Kacey Craddock


Miss Molina  by

Mrs Ball by Tanner Edwards

Mrs Barber by Emily Barber

Mrs Hill by Harry Bridgewater

Mrs James


Anna Sabba

Mrs Coventry

by Molly Lees

SMiss Ledo.jpg

Miss Ledo by  Tayla Tudor

Mrs A. Lloyd by

Imogen Smillie

Mrs Ryan by Lotty Clark

Miss Walden


Miss Miles


Mrs Warrier by

Mrs White by

Mrs Horton by Millie Johnson