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BBC KS2 SAT bitesize


Woodlands junior school site

ICTeachers SAT revision

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Science Boot Camp revision



Life  Materials  Physics

Science bp site

BBC Learning Zone Science

Science bitesize

Plant Parts





Earth and Moon viewer


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Year 6 page

Human body research

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 Year 6 Deaf Not Stupid                Fundraising Day

Norton Canes High School have created a webpage detailing some Year 5 and 6 link activities.

Year 6 Science photos

Welcome to our new Year 6 pupils.

Photogalleries of Science work, Apprentice Day at Norton Canes High School and WW2 Day (Two) below.

They run using Flash so iPads and iPhones will not display them.

We were separating mixtures.

Year 6 Apprentice Day

Year 6 pupils were invited to Norton Canes High School for a challenging day.

After making spaghetti towers they continued working in teams to give a presentation.

Year 6 WW2 Day

Year 6 pupils were training to become ARP Wardens. We learned how to put out fires using stirrup pumps; administer First Aid; rescue victims from buildings and identify various WW2 items e.g. baby gas masks.

  Three videos available     click on icons below

Video I Norton Apprentice Day 2016.wmv Video 2 Norton Apprentice Day 2016.wmv Video 3 Norton Apprentice Day 2016.wmv