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Mrs Fraser

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New  photos of Michael Rosen, poet,added 7/12/17 Christmas Fayre and Science experiments added 3/12/17
Our Alka Seltzer rocket experiment


Party Day letter

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Choir 'Young Voices'

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KS2 assessment information        (Government 2017)

The Michael Rosen poetry competition was organised by Chase Grammar School as an inter-school event.

Lucky winners read their poems to the famous author. Nine Gorsemoor Primary pupils from Year 6 attended the occasion.

During the Christmas Fayre, Years 5 and 6 entertained parents with Christmas carols.

Year groups sold items or ran game stalls to raise funds for the PTFA.

Year 6 pupils had decorated Miss Morgan’s cakes earlier in the day.

During science lessons about light, pupils learned to spot variables and how to use a ‘good’ scientific question to devise a fair test.

They were experimenting with shadows.

Does the distance of the puppet from the torch affect the height of the shadow?

Mrs Fraser’s favourite experiment involves burning!

It’s really all about observing using all our senses.

After careful consideration of safety, materials burned included string, paper and wood.

We learned that some changes are irreversible.