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ICTeachers SAT revision

Top marks

Weblinks for Year 6

Mainly Maths and English

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Science links

Science Boot Camp revision



Science bp site

BBC Learning Zone Science

Science bitesize

Plant Parts




Earth and Moon viewer

Sound     Sound 2

Childrens university


More Weblinks below

EducationCity.com - a leading online
teaching and learning resource

Year 6 page

Norton Canes High School have created a webpage detailing some Year 5 and 6 link activities.

Our theme is- Darwin’s Delights

In science we are covering two topics Human Body and Electricity. Mrs Fraser

Photogalleries of our Voices Together and Book Review competition display below.

They use Flash so iPads and iPhones will not display them.

Voices Together (2) with a teacher from Kingsmead

This is part of a multi-school programme.

Material Chemists

Weblinks for computer


Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th June

Both days

Year 6 pupils moving to Kingsmead have their Transition  -  all pupils for both days this year.

Wednesday 28th June

All day

Year 6 pupils moving to Norton Canes High School have their Transition Day.

Wednesday 5th July

6.30 to 7.30pm

Parents evening at Norton Canes High School for Year 6 pupils moving there in September.

Do you have information about other High School Transition Days? Please let Mrs Fraser know, as our Year 6 pupils are moving to quite a few different schools in September. Please also tell us if your child’s High School destination changes e.g. if you move house.

Year 6 Transition information

Year 6 Book Review Competition

Mrs Thomas and Mrs Fraser organised a Book Review session during an afternoon, for the whole of Year 6. The winning reviews are now on display in the library and the following pupils receive TWO merits each for their work; Libby Whitehead, Josh Caldicott, Jurvina Bahia, Ashleigh-Mae Pearson, Olivia Bucknall, Georgia Elcock, Abbie Marvin, Darcey Moore, Olivia Heaney, Meah-Olivia Lloyd, Brady Shone, James Downs, Katie Bishop, Eloise Parry, Corey Stuart, Maria Badidova, Nathan Williams, Isobel Gilbert, Chuii Ching, Emily Wraxton, Olivia Shore, Beth McEvoy.

Four reviews were unnamed; Gruffalo’s Child, User Name Evie, Paddington, Butterfly Club.


Y6DLC Maths Club

Miss Morgan Surgery

Year 6 Football tournament

Spanish Club

Bikeability Level 2 Year 6 letter for interested pupils

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Transition to High School

Bus Passes

Photo galleries

Weblinks for Year 6

            work and revision

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Bus Passes

For a joining fee of £10, the County Council issue a bus pass called ‘Your Staffordshire Card’. Using this card, children between 11 and 15 years pay £1.20 per single bus journey and those between 16 to 19 years pay £1.30 per single bus journey.

Check out the terms and conditions and apply here (click for link).

The answer sheet to the ‘Spot the Difference’ homework is here.

Human body research

Weblinks for iPad and computer

BBC KS2 SAT bitesize

Woodlands Junior School Homework Help

Year 6, I’ve collated these links for research and revision.

Mrs Fraser

Courtesy of img.clipartfest.com