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These links are meant for revision in the Spring term, although they could be helpful for research too!


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BBC KS2 SAT bitesize


Woodlands junior school site

ICTeachers SAT revision

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Excellent Science revision



Life  Materials  Physics

Science bp site

BBC Learning Zone Science

Science bitesize

Plant Parts





Earth and Moon viewer


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EducationCity.com - a leading online
teaching and learning resource

Year 6 RE trip to a Buddhist temple

London 2015

Jan cost confirmation letter

Altered dates Letter dated Dec 2014

Norton Canes High School have created a webpage detailing some Year 5 and 6 link activities.

Year 6 investigated how the weight of various masses was affected by being measured in air and in water.

They had to perform TEN experiments.

What do you think they discovered?

In Science recently, after discussing upthrust in their earlier experiment (see below), Year 6 classes had a design competition.

They each had to produce a foil boat that would have maximum buoyancy.

Why was a canoe shape not a winning design? Ask one of the pupils.

Sir Isaac Newton weblinks

Biography by Ducksters


Easy Science for Kids

Espresso - you need  our coding log in and password to enter the site, choose Espresso, then search Newton stamps